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Better than giving it the old college try, we pledge that our fundraisers will succeed in delivering profits that will make you want to party.

Building Excitement for Your Sorority Fundraiser

Things may have gotten to the point where a sorority fundraiser is necessary for keeping your chapter in a good financial situation, but that doesn’t mean you have to focus solely on the sobering aspects of the need for funds. Not only will you learn through this experience that your sorority fundraiser can be fun, Read More »

Classic Fraternity Fundraising Ideas

We all know that if there’s one thing that unites fraternities, it’s the sense of tradition. These are institutions that have been around a long time, many generations in some cases, and there’s a lot of pressure to keep the traditions strong. But chapter management is fraught with expenses, and keeping your fraternity above water Read More »

College Fundraisers – There are Good Options

College students are poor. Bottom line. It’s not that they choose to be poor, college is just expensive. What little money you have left after paying for books, tuition and classes have to be saved and used toward really important things like midnight runs to Taco Bell. And once you join a sorority or fraternity, Read More »

College Fundraising Ideas for a Baseball Team

If you are a member of a college baseball team, a booster club supporting a college baseball team, or just need to raise money for a college baseball team, we would strongly suggest you consider one of two fundraising ideas. The best idea for raising a lot of money quickly without spending a lot of Read More »

Easy and Profitable Fundraising Ideas for College

You might be stumped when it comes time to decide on fundraising ideas for your college group or club. Must college organizations these days, especially ones run by students, receive no official school funding, and so fundraising ideas for these college groups are a necessary part of their existence. So how do you come up Read More »

Easy and Profitable Fundraising Ideas for College

You might be stumped when it comes time to decide on fundraising ideas for your college group or club. Must college organizations these days, especially ones run by students, receive no official school funding, and so fundraising ideas for these college groups are a necessary part of their existence. So how do you come up Read More »

Fraternity Fundraising Requires Proper Motivation

Being a part of a fraternity means a lot of things. It means upholding longstanding traditions, representing your chapter in the best way possible, and of course, doing everything you can to make sure that the fraternity thrives. Unfortunately, running a chapter can be quite expensive, and if you are planning on doing any group Read More »

Frozen Cookie Dough Fraternity Fundraisers

One of the things that many fraternities worry about with fraternity fundraisers is having to put money down upfront. If you have a small chapter or your group is in a financial bind, spending a lot of money on ordering fundraising products might seem risky, or like it doesn’t make the best business sense. There are plenty of Read More »

Fun Sorority Fundraiser Ideas

Are you preparing to get your sorority fundraiser together for this year, but you’re not too clear on the best sorority fundraiser ideas? Don’t worry, there are a wide variety of different sorority fundraiser ideas out there, and there is definitely one that will suit your chapter perfectly. You’ll need to do a small amount Read More »

Fundraisers for Fraternities Are a Team Effort

Fundraisers for fraternities are not easy under any circumstances. You might think it’s just about going out there and selling things, but there’s a lot more to it than that. There’s a whole series of events that happens beforehand, to make sure that you get the best possible result from the selling portion of your Read More »

Fundraising for Fraternities Made Simple

Are you worried that you don’t know anything about organizing the fundraising for your fraternity? That’s no problem, we’ve got all the answers you need. Fundraising for fraternities is really not all that difficult, but sometimes there’s a lot of stress involved at the beginning of something like this when you’ve never done it before Read More »

Getting Fraternity Fundraiser Ideas to Work for Your Group

You probably already knew this day would come… you’ve got to come up with some fraternity fundraiser ideas for your school’s chapter. If you’re brand new to fundraising, or even if you remember a thing or two from your fundraising days in high school, it can still be useful to get to grips with some Read More »

Getting Past the Hurdles of Fundraising for Sororities

Does it concern you that you’re in charge of handling this year’s fundraising for your sorority, and yet you don’t really know the first thing about fundraising? Have no fear, we’ve got you covered. Fundraising for sororities is not as riddled with anxiety as you think, and in fact, it’s a lot of fun and Read More »

Getting the Ball Rolling with Fraternity Fundraising

Fraternity fundraising is these days, an almost essential part of making sure your fraternity stays afloat. Let’s face it, being a maintaining a chapter is not an inexpensive venture, and how much help can you realistically expect to get from your college when budget cuts are more extreme than ever? But don’t let it get Read More »

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Keeping it Simple with a Scratch Cards Fraternity Fundraiser

A fraternity fundraiser can be fun, and it’s certainly a great bonding exercise for your chapter, but there are also a lot of hassles associated with a product based fundraiser. First, there’s the ordering phase, where you have to go around and collect orders and money from your supporters. Then, once the product is delivered to you, you Read More »

Organizing your College Fundraiser

There are literally hundreds of types of groups and clubs in today’s colleges, and the great majority of them receive no funding from the school directly. This means that being in college will most likely eventually mean getting involved with a college fundraiser. Whether you belong to a fraternity or sorority, a common interests club, Read More »

Organizing Your College Sports Fundraising Effort

If you are involved in sports at your college, you may have come across the sobering reality that funding is not what it used to be for most schools and most sports. This means that being on a college sports team probably involves you having to organize a college sports fundraising effort. If you want Read More »

Popular Fraternity Fundraising Ideas

You have come to the right place if you are looking for an appropriate fundraising idea for your fraternity. We have a large variety of fraternity fundraising ideas ready to go, and they’re cool ideas, too, ones that people will actually get excited about. All you have to do is have a look through our Read More »

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The Psychology of Sorority Fundraising

The times you share with your sorority sisters can be some of the most wonderful and memorable times in your college career. This is a time when you are learning to bond with other young women and to show support and help each other through all the fun and challenges of college. You want to Read More »

The Social Benefits of a Fraternity Fundraiser

A fraternity fundraiser for your college’s local chapter can be a great way to go about reaching several goals at once. Not only will it help boost your yearly budget by bringing in some much-needed cash (because let’s face it, every school club needs extra funding these days), but also your fraternity fundraiser can be Read More »

There Are Lots of Good Fundraising Ideas for Fraternities

Whether you are trying to raise a little money for a small fraternity chapter, or a lot of money for a large fraternity chapter, or some other combination, you are probably wondering what sort of fundraising ideas there are for fraternities. Luckily, there is no shortage of fundraising ideas for fraternities, so no matter what Read More »

Things to Remember with Fundraisers for Sororities

This might be your first time having the responsibility of organizing fundraisers for sororities, and if it is you’ll, of course, need to know what kind of fundraiser you should do. A lot of the choices available to you will depend on the size of your chapter and the number of people you have selling, Read More »

Two Excellent Fraternity Fundraiser Ideas

When you first arrived at college, you probably anticipated all the fun you would have with your fraternity. You heard stories about how great it is, and you were looking forward to getting started. What you were probably not prepared for, however, was all the money it takes to organize activities and events for an Read More »

Two of the Most Popular Sorority Fundraising Ideas

If you want to find an appropriate and popular fundraising idea for your sorority, don’t worry, we have the answers! We stock a wide array of sorority fundraising ideas, and we have everything from the old classics to the new favorites. Your job is just to browse through all of our sorority fundraiser ideas, and Read More »

University Fundraising for Alumni Clubs

When people graduate from a college or university, they quite often move throughout the country as they pursue their careers. However, many remain quite loyal to the school that was so key to their lives and want to continue to support the college or university. But how does a group of individuals that have been Read More »

University Fundraising With Pizza Cards

Are you looking for a University fundraising idea? You’ve come to the right place. Anyone, you know enjoys eating pizza? We thought so! Would they enjoy free pizza? We know so! Free pizza would be the perfect university fundraiser. And there is no better free pizza fundraising program that our Dominos Free Pizza Fundraising Cards. Read More »

Various Fundraisers for Fraternities

If you have suddenly been thrust into the job of planning fundraisers for fraternities, you are probably curious about what kinds of fundraisers are available for your group or chapter. You will also want to learn, of course, which of those fundraisers will work best for the people you have as your sales team. The Read More »